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Site Map

This section will help you find the information you are looking for.

  • About CHIC : Who we are, what we do, how to get advice
  • Advisory Panel: This sections lists the panel members on the CHIC group.
  • Useful Links : A list of reference links and external websites for more information on everyday healthcare problems.
  • Contact Us : CHIC feedback form and details of how you can contact us.
  • Spotlight : This section focusses on various health topics -- which keeps changing every quarter. Look at this section to check out 'What's new'
  • Feeling Unwell?: If you are suffering from a common illness e.g. a cold, this section enables you to search under your symptoms and gives advice on how best to treat them.
  • Health Information: Sometimes you might want more in-depth information to take away and read about common ailments which can affect you and your family. This section has detailed articles written by CHIC's professional panel on the most common conditions which affect us all day to day.
  • Treat Your Symptoms : If you would like to know what over-the-counter medicines are available to help relieve your symptoms, this is the section for you.
  • Using Medicines Correctly : To get the best from over-the-counter medicines it is very important they are used properly. This section of the website gives useful information and reminders about safety, and also gives practical advice about how to use these medicines if you may be pregnant or taking other medicines prescribed by your doctor.
  • Press Office : This section is for journalists who want to access news, press releases, leaflets and publications.




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Health Campaigns
Health Campaigns
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